Top 5 Jobs in Philippines for Fresh Graduates

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The Philippines, officially referred as the Republic of the Philippines is one of the advanced countries in Southeast Asia. It is the 34th largest economy of the world. The GDP of the country was at 371.8 billion $ in 2018. The country has seen a progressive economic boom in recent time, in spite of the US President Donald J. Trump giving threats to pull out the BPO investment. Even then, there are many jobs in Philippines, which are high-salary jobs and will continue to be so in the near future for the Filipinos. Though the unemployment rate is around 6% per annum, yet when it comes to jobs in Philippines, there are ample opportunities available for the qualified and worthy candidates. 

Jobs in Philippines

Let us check out below the top sectors in the Philippines for lucrative career prospects for fresh graduates.

Call Center / IT Enabled Services / BPO

The call center /BPO industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Since 2008, the country started its business procession outsourcing services, which include technical support, education, travel services, customer care, financial services, online B2C, B2B support etc. This sector is keeping the economy afloat. A fresh graduate can easily apply for jobs in Philippines in this industry. It is also one of the high-paying jobs in the country.

Travel and Tourism

This sector is another important sector contributing to the growth of the economy and providing jobs in Philippines. With an average annual growth of around 5.8% of this industry, the WTTC’s Travel and Tourism Economic Impact 2018 report has estimated P6.24 trillion by 2028. In 2018, this sector created some 2.3 million jobs in Philippines. Employment opportunities are available in the hotels, travel agencies, airlines and other transportation services, including the restaurant and leisure industries.

Computers and IT Hardware and Software

When it comes to Information technology and IT-related jobs, the Philippines is no less behind. The country has invested quite a lot for the development of the IT sector. The IT market in the country is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.28% over the period 2014-2019. The IT industry consisting of hardware, software, and services have opened up a great number of jobs in Philippines. Especially for Freshers, there are good opportunities available as coders, programmers, developers. Even software engineers are in great demand in the country. IT careers in the Philippines have some of the highest starting fresh graduate salaries at PHP 19,000 per month.


The Philippines is known as a literate country with a literacy rate of 95.6%. Education is the country is given a lot of importance and every year, the national budget of the country allocates around 15 to 20% of revenue in education funding. There are more than 2000 higher education institutions in the country. The number of private institutions is more than the public ones. Several government agencies are associated with education sector. This is another prominent sector for jobs in Philippines. English teaching jobs are in huge demand in Manila, and many opportunities are available to teach English as a foreign language in other cities of the country. English-speaking Filipinos have great opportunities in the education sector of the country.

Market Research Analyst and Sales

The Philippines is a growing economy. The business sector in the country is evolving over the years. Launching a new product or growing a business in the country, both through online and offline media, is of great importance. Fresh graduates with research capabilities or management degree are greatly in demand for market research analyst positions. They are involved in conducting consumer surveys and interpreting collected data to come up with effective marketing strategies. Even sales jobs in Philippines for both males and females are popular with the increased number of shopping malls and branded outlets. Though for fresher, the initial salary may not be very high in sales jobs, yet this profile has great growth prospects with lots of perks and incentives.

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